Newbury & District changes

3 years ago Mon 8th Apr 2019

Following our acquisition of Newbury & district in September 2018, we’ve been reviewing how we bring the two companies closer together, and how we can make sure that we maximise the benefit of being under the same ownership. We have been looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect of the business and need to make some changes to ensure that the business is sustainable.

There will be changes to Newbury & District services from Tuesday 23 April - this will involve some changes to timetables and fares as we better align the two businesses.

There are also upgrades to the Newbury & District ticket machines to allow contactless and mobile ticket payments on board as well as allowing us to track N&D services in real time through the Kennections app


routes 1a/b/c/d

Services between Thatcham, West Berkshire Hospital and Newbury will be coordinated to provide a combined 15-minute frequency between Newbury Wharf and Thatcham Broadway - this will be provided by jet black 1 and Newbury & District routes 1a and 1c.
Parallel routes 1b and 1d will no longer run.

Click here for the new 1a/1c timetable.

Click here for the 1a/c route map.

You will be able to buy a period ticket (day, 7 day, 30 day) on any of these buses and use them on the other services. 

route 103

There will be a minor change to the 103 timetable with the 103c now limited to one 'positioning' journey due to lack of use.

Click here for the new 103 timetable.

Click here for the 103 route map.

routes 123 and 124 - discontinued

The 123 and 124 will also no longer run as they serve areas that can be easily reached by Kennections buses.

Customers who use service 123 should use Kennections route 8 or route 103 between Newbury and Greenham (including for Tesco) or Kennections route 9 for the Racecourse.

Customers who use the 124 service should use Kennections route 4 for Speen, and the more comprehensive Kennections route 2 for Wash Common. 

Click here to go to our Kennections page.


Fares will be brought into line with Reading Buses and Kennections in the Newbury and Thatcham area, with some being increased and others reduced. This will make it easier to use tickets across all services and hopefully help encourage more people to use the buses across our various brands.

All Newbury & District routes (1a, 1c and 103) will become part of the ‘simplyNewbury & Thatcham’ area for day, 7 day and 30 day tickets which are available from the Reading Buses website, Kennections app and Reading bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, Reading.

For journeys between Newbury and Thatcham Broadway on the 1a/1c/jet black and between Greenham Business Park and Newbury and service 103 the basic flat fares will be:




7 day

30 day






Boost (18 & under)





routes 1a/1c/jet black

There will still be graduated fares for the 1a/1c and jet black for shorter journeys (and longer journeys on jet black!)

For route 1a/1c fares, click here.

For jet black fares, click here

route 103

There will also be graduated fares for route 103 for shorter journeys.

For route 103 fares, click here.

other fares

The great news is that tickets will now be inter-available between Newbury & District and Reading Buses services.

You will be able to buy and use Reading Buses tickets on Newbury & District services - such as the simplyNetwork group ticket - £15 for up to four people to travel all day on weekdays before 9.30am (£10 after 9.30am on weekdays, all day weekends and school & public holidays) – valid on all Reading Buses services including Green Line (to Langley).

concessionary passes

The current offer of free travel to concessionary pass holders on Newbury & District services (and 50p on jet black) before 9.30am on weekdays will come to an end, as these journeys are not funded by West Berkshire Council.

Instead, we will be introducing a new offer across the whole simplyNewbury & Thatcham area of travel for £1 before 9.30am on weekdays for concessionary pass holders, including all Reading Buses and Kennections services in that area for the first time.

Free travel will still be valid all day on weekends and public holidays.


We will be introducing Boost to the Newbury & District operation which allows our younger customers to benefit from reduced fares!

Customers aged 18 & under can buy Boost tickets without ID and customers aged 19-21 will be able to buy Boost tickets if they are in full time education at Newbury College on production of their student ID.

Boost allows more customers to benefit from reduced fares, giving them more freedom.

There will be instances where drivers may ask for ID if you appear to be older than 18 – if you are in this age range, it is always advisable to have some form of identification to either show your actual age or to prove you are in full-time education at one of the listed schools or colleges.

Find out more about Boost here


Buses will now be able to accept contactless payments.

Simply ask the driver for your ticket and, when prompted, simply tap your contactless bankcard on the reader until the machine beeps and a ticket is issued.

mobile tickets 

We will also be bringing Newbury & District into the Kennections app. This will allow customers to buy their tickets on their phone in advance of travelling.

Customers can buy a ticket and then activate it when they need it (please note, single tickets have a 30 minute activation window) and then scan it as they board the bus.

dog day rover

We will also be introducing the £1 dog day rover ticket to Newbury & District services. Pay £1 and your four-legged friend can travel with you all day!

Kennections app with N&D

As part of the timetable change, we will be bringing the Newbury & District services into the Kennections app. This will allow customers to view timetables, see live departure times from their favourite stops and track buses on a live map. Customers can also plan their journeys and buy tickets on their phone in advance.

Just search Kennections in the app or play store and download for free.

The Kennections app works just like the Reading Buses app - click here for more information