Newbury & District

Coronavirus update

With the current Coronavirus situation, we are monitoring how customer numbers are changing. At this moment in time, all Newbury & District services are operating to their normal timetables except route 103 which has a minor amendment to normal. Click here for the timetable.

If anything else changes, we will inform you both here and on our social media feeds. For details on Reading Buses and the Coronavirus, please click here

new - daysaver5

We have introduced the new daysaver5 tickets across our entire network, including on Newbury & Diistrict, to help save you money even if you aren't travelling as often with us. 

Click here for more details.

N&D goes temporarily cashless

From Wednesday 1 April, all Newbury & District routes temporarily stopped accepting cash to help limit the spread of the virus.

Welcome to information on Newbury & District!

Newbury & District is a name synonymous with public transport in West Berkshire since 1932. 88 years later we’re proud to be providing the very highest levels of service with modern buses and a small team of friendly drivers.

All our Kennections routes are now simply known as Newbury & District - you can check the timetables below and still find them on the Kennections app. 

Contact us

If you need to get in touch, we are here for you! For compliments, complaints or general enquiries, please call 01635 33855 or email: [email protected] and we will be happy to speak to you.

routes and times 

Service 1a (circular - use service 1c for the opposite direction)

Thatcham Broadway > Westfield Road > Henwick Lane > West Berkshire Community Hospital > Newbury Wharf. 
Newbury Wharf > West Berkshire Community Hospital > Lower Way > The Moors > Thatcham Broadway.

Click here for the 1a timetable.

Click here for the 1a route map.

Service 1c (circular - use service 1a for the opposite direction)

Thatcham Broadway > The Moors > Lower Way > West Berkshire Community Hospital > Newbury Wharf
Newbury Wharf > West Berkshire Community Hospital > Henwick Lane > Westfield Road > Thatcham Broadway.

Click here for the 1c timetable

Click here for the 1c route map.

Service 1d

Service 1d now only operates one journey - please use jet black for direct buses between Newbury Wharf and Thatcham Broadway. 

Thatcham Broadway > A4 > West Berkshire Community Hospital > A4 > Newbury Wharf.

Click here for the 1a & 1c timetable (with the 1d journey).

Click here for the jet black timetable.

service 2/2a

Pigeons Farm > Greenham > Wash Common > Newbury Wharf

Click here for the timetable.

service 3/3a/3X

Hungerford > Inkpen > Newbury Wharf

Click here for the timetable.

service 4/4a/4b/4c

Lambourn > Eastbury > Great Shefford > Stockcross > Speen > Newbury Wharf > Newbury Station

Click here for the timetable.

service 6/6a

West Ilsley > East Ilsley > Hermitage > Chieveley > Newbury Wharf > Newbury Station

Click here for the timetable.

service 8

Greenham (Tesco) > Pigeons Farm > The Nightingales > Racecourse Road > Newbury Wharf

Click here for the timetable.

service 9/9b/9c

Newbury Racecourse > Newbury Wharf

Click here for the timetable.

Services 103/a/b/c

Greenham Business Park > Tesco Triangle > The Nightingales > Wash Common > Chandos Road > Newbury Wharf
Newbury > The Oaks > Newbury College (103X Schooldays Only)

Click here for the 103 timetable.

Click here for the 103 route map


Newbury & District routes 1a, 1c and 103 are part of the ‘simplyNewbury & Thatcham’ area for day, 7 day and 30 day tickets which are available from the Reading Buses website, Kennections app and Reading bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, Reading. All our other buses will have varying single and return fares - ask the driver for your ticket. We also sell and accept West Berkshire Connect tickets which can be used on multiple buses in the local area. For full details on this, please visit the transport fares page on the West Berkshire Council website here

routes 1a/1c/jet black

There will still be graduated fares for the 1a/1c and jet black for shorter journeys (and longer journeys on jet black!)

For route 1a/1c fares, click here.

For jet black fares, click here

For journeys between Newbury and Thatcham Broadway on the 1a/1c/jet black and between Bishops Green and Newbury and service 103 the basic flat fares will be:




7 day

30 day






Boost (18 & under)





route 103

There will also be graduated fares for route 103 for shorter journeys.

For route 103 fares, click here.

other fares

The great news is that tickets will now be inter-available between Newbury & District and Reading Buses services.

You can buy and use Reading Buses tickets on services 1a & 1c and 103. Tickets include the simplyNetwork group ticket - £15 for up to four people to travel all day on weekdays before 9.30am (£10 after 9.30am on weekdays, all day weekends and school & public holidays) – valid on all Reading Buses services including Green Line (to Langley and Heathrow).

concessionary passes

Concessionary pass holders can travel for free after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and public holidays.. 

For those wanting to travel earlier during the week, travel in the simplyNewbury & Thatcham area for £1 before 9.30am on weekdays with a valid concessionary pass - this includes all Newbury & District and Reading Buses services in that area (all of routes 1a/1c/1d and route 103 and jet black as far as Colthrop Turn).


Buses accept contactless payments.

Simply ask the driver for your ticket and, when prompted, simply tap your contactless bankcard on the reader until the machine beeps and a ticket is issued.

mobile tickets 

You can buy your tickets in advance (or on the day!) using the Kennections app. 

Buy the ticket on your phone and then activate it when you need it (please note, single tickets have a 30 minute activation window). When you board the bus, simply scan the QR code on your screen on the reader. 

dog day rover

Pay £1 and your four-legged friend can travel with you all day!

Kennections app 

The Kennections app allows you to view timetables, see live departure times from your favourite stops and track buses on a live map. You can also plan journeys and buy tickets on your phone in advance.

Just search Kennections in the app or play store and download for free.

The Kennections app works just like the Reading Buses app - click here for more information

Easy Access

All our buses have a wide, step free entrance, making them particularly suitable for wheelchair users, those with restricted mobility and passengers with pushchairs, lots of shopping and/or small children. We do not operate minibuses or crew buses on any of our services. 

More information about these and other public transport services is available via the Council's Public Transport website.

private charter

Our buses are also available to hire; we offer a range of sizes with vehicles providing up to 86 seats, so please call 01635 33855 or email: [email protected] with your requirements.