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2 months ago Fri 1st Oct 2021

Our latest Stars of the Month are driver David Speake and member of the night shunter/fueller team Mandy Hunt. 

David signs his way too an award

Thirty three year old driver David Speake was nominated for transforming the bus experience of five year old Emily and her parents by engaging her using Makaton sign language.

In nominating David, the little girl’s father said: “Today was an amazing experience my five year old daughter will never forget. I really want the driver to win employee of the month for this.”

The family were astonished when David began to use sign language after being told that their daughter didn’t speak much, but used Makaton.

According to the father, it was the first time outside her group she had met someone who knew Makaton. After a nice conversation which lifted the girl’s spirits, the family disembarked with Emily smiling from ear to ear.

The father finished his nomination with the words: “I really want to say a big thank to David who really made my daughter’s day.

“She now keeps a look out for David on the bus and made me buy her a toy bus.”

David has shown great all-round performance and  we love his caring attitude in this particular situation. Whilst we realise that it was chance that David was able to converse with Emily in sign language, it just shows the extra effort that our employees put in to make our customers feel welcome on board.

Mandy helps out her colleagues

Our second star comes from the Engineering team.

Nominated by a colleague, Mandy Hunt won for volunteering for unpleasant jobs that others don’t want to do. She has also been praised for being a hard working member of the team.

Mandy volunteered to clean up a mess on two night buses so that nobody else had to and did so without any fuss. This is something that colleagues say Mandy does all the time and is diligent and caring of her colleagues at all times. It shows she is a real team player and puts her colleagues first.

nominate your star

We are really proud of all of our Stars and encourage you to nominate your own stars – employees that have gone the extra mile or done something amazing, or simply have been seen to perform to a high standard consistently.

Nominations can be made via email to [email protected] or by visiting the following page: