Coronavirus - service levels

updated Tuesday 1 September

service change Tuesday 1 September

We have now reverted back to full service, including changes to school services and preparing for the students to return to the University of Reading. To find out the full set of changes and timetables, please click here. We will be increasing services back to normal levels for most routes from Monday 6 July. Click here for full details. The table below shows the current timetables.

As further restrictions are removed, we we will change our services accordingly. With social distancing expected to remain in place for a while, reduced seating capacity (currently 25% on all buses) remains, however, the latest “one metre plus” guidance means that with low rates of infection in most communities, the mandatory wearing of face coverings, and the short nature of many journeys, we can now allow the unmarked rows of seats to be used as well, up to 50% capacity. If you can travel outside of 'peak' commuter times, we still recommend that you do so. We are monitoring all journeys and using spare buses and drivers where possible to ensure that you can still travel on time and in maximum safety with full two metre distancing.  When further service level changes are expected, we will post them here and have links on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

action taken

We have done lots during the Coronavirus pandemic to keep both our employees and customers safe, whilst also providing transport for those needing our services.

This has ranged from reducing, and subsequently increasing, services as restrictions have been implemented and then relaxed.

We have implemented lots of measures to protect everyone such as increased cleaning and the installation of hand sanitiser units on all buses - click here for the full list of measures

Newbury & District and Kennections

Currently, all Newbury & District services (including Kennections) are running to their normal timetables.

current timetables from 2 September

route summary timetable
leopard 3 Minor changes to evening times Click here for times
leopard X3 The X3 returns! Click here for times
leopard 8/9 Minor changes to evening times Click here for times
purple 17 Frequency increased for post-summer and some minor changes to some journeys. Click here for times
claret 21/21a Reintroduction of the claret 21a (from university term time) and some extra claret 21a buses during the evening on Fridays and Saturdays. Some minor changes to claret 21 too. Click here for times

Greenwave and Buzz 42 will also be reverting to their pre-Coronavirus levels. Click the links below for the new (old!) timetables.

July timetable changes - including school updates

The table below shows routes that changed during July. Most of the changes for July were minor and involved, for the most part, getting the timetables back to their normal levels. If the timetable is not in the table below, it hasn't changed. In all cases, you can check your up-to-date timetable on our routes and times page.

route timetable
jet black click here for times
lime 2 click here for times
emerald 5 click here for times
emerald 6 click here for times
bronze 11 click here for times
orange 13/14 click here for times
sky blue 15 click here for times
sky blue 16 click here for times
little oranges 19a/b/c click here for times
pink 22 click here for times
berry 23/24 click here for times
pink 25 click here for times
yellow 26 click here for times
little berries 27/29 click here for times