Babar loves driving the bus

1 week ago Tue 2nd Aug 2022

work for us and love driving the bus!

Is it time for you to reevaluate your career?

We've got loads of drivers who started out in different careers and now love driving a bus - like Babar! We asked him (and others) about why they became bus drivers and why they love it - see what he said below.

How long have you been working for Reading Buses?

Nearly 20 years now!

What did you do before?

Worked in the NHS - supplying theatres, cleaning, packing and sterilising.

What hobbies do you do?

I love cooking!

Why did you decide to become a bus driver?

I always wanted to become a bus driver even when I was just a child! I played around with my toy buses all the time. When I first applied for the job here at Reading Buses, I wasn't sure I would get the job, but when I did I was very, very happy! This job has changed my lifestyle, gives me good money, more benefits, pension scheme, holiday entitlement, opportunity to progress further, and lots lots more.

What do you enjoy most about being a bus driver?

I enjoy communicating with people, I enjoy keeping myself on the go. Being a bus driver gives me the freedom of space, I have explored many places that I have never seen before. I think it has made me a stronger person in many ways. I enjoy everything about my job, my co-workers are like my family and I feel Reading Buses is my second home.

What has surprised you most about driving buses?

The size of the bus! It still amazes me that we as bus drivers manage to go into narrow roads and narrow bends, and still bring the bus back in one piece, this all comes with skill and driving experience.

What are the three best things about being a bus driver?

The freedom it gives you, the opportunity to meet new people and it's good money.

Tell me your favourite memory about being a bus driver?

My best memory of driving a bus was when I was in Bath for two weeks (working for another company!) driving the Bath University Shuttle. I was able to drive a bendy bus for the first time and I really enjoyed myself it was a great experience. 

If you were trying to convince a friend to become a bus driver, what would you say to them?

I would tell them that being a bus driver myself I have experienced so much and gained a lot from this job. There's lots of benefits that they would get if they join the company for example free travel for you and your immediate family, great pension scheme, paid holiday, overtime opportunity, good hourly rate, sick pay etc. Being in this company over 19 years I even convinced my wife to drive so I think I can convince anyone. :)

What would you say is the main benefit of working for Reading Buses?

The pay - including the sick pay - you don't get the same allowance in other companies. 

want to know more about becoming a driver?

We have full and part-time roles available - all you need is a can-do attitude and a clean driving licence. Find out more about the role and how to apply here.