Winnersh Triangle park & ride site expansion

1 week ago Sun 25th Apr 2021

Construction has begun to increase capacity at Winnersh Triangle park and ride, which means fewer parking spaces will be available until work finishes on this essential and exciting new development. 

We wanted to assure all our park & ride customers that there will still be an adequate number of spaces both for parking and travelling on the bus.

Some of the car park is closed so, if wanting to use the service, you will need to park in the available spaces, then walk around the building work where there will be a safe, well signposted walking route.

Our Winnersh Triangle park & ride buses will be running to their normal timetables and from the normal stop.

low emission gas vehicles now on route

At the same time as the site expansion, we have also just rebranded some of our single deck gas buses to run on the route - and these buses have virtually no emissions and the gas that they run on is carbon neutral.

All of this is, longer term, great news for users of Winnersh Triangle park and ride as the buses are even cleaner than before and if more customers park and ride, there will be fewer cars running between the site and Reading.