Winnersh Triangle park & ride is moving

9 months ago Thu 11th Nov 2021

Some important news for Winnersh Triangle park & ride users - the site is temporarily moving from Monday 29 November!

Whilst expansion works are in progress on the car park at Winnersh Triangle, the park & ride service will move to Thames Valley Park to ensure that there is enough space for both current customers and the expected extra Christmas traffic.

partnership with Wokingham Borough Council brings new park & ride

With works at the park & ride site severely limiting car parking spaces, we were finding that park & ride customers were unable to secure parking spaces meaning customer numbers had been vastly reduced. For this reason we had reluctantly taken the decision to suspend the park & ride after service on Saturday November 27.

However, we have been in talks with Wokingham Borough Council and come to an agreement that means our Winnersh Triangle park & ride vehicles and usual friendly drivers will be retained to provide a new temporary park and ride service, numbered 400, from the new Thames Valley Par car park from Monday November 29. The service will run up to Christmas at least to help accommodate the extra seasonal traffic.

We are hopeful that this temporary service will be able to continue after Christmas, at least until construction work at Winnersh Triangle has been completed.

The new car park will still have parking machines so you will need to register your vehicle before boarding.

new site, new times


The new car park is at the end of the A329 just before Thames Valley Park. After leaving the car park, buses will run the normal route into town via London Road and Cemetery Junction. 

Click here for a map of the new car park


The 400 service will run every 15 minutes with first and last buses at the same times as at Winnersh Triangle to try and keep things as simple as possible.

The new timetable can be seen by clicking here


Fares are unaffected so regular customers will be able to continue to use their tickets and passes. To check the fares, see our park & ride fares page.

Regular customers who use the Winnersh Triangle park and ride service to commute from town to the Winnersh Triangle business park will temporarily need to use Reading Buses lion 4/X4 to the Cavendish Gardens stop and walk underneath the railway to reach their work - park & ride tickets and passes will be accepted on this service.

Season tickets that have already been bought for Winnersh Triangle park & ride will be valid on both the lion 4/X4 and the ‘new’ Thames Valley park & ride services.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this change to service may cause, but are pleased that we have been able to agree to keep people connected during these essential expansion works.

other park & ride

The existing southern Reading Mereoak park & ride is still open and may also be convenient, depending on where you are travelling from. You can find out more about fares and the route here.

Whilst in the interim, the works at the site are causing disruption, we do see the long-term benefits. Once complete, there will be significantly more capacity for park and ride users, both at the car park and on the recently upgraded buses.

We also want to thank Wokingham Borough Council for their support to help maintain this important park & ride link.