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fares and ticketing

As part of the governments help for households scheme, all single fares on London Line 702 and Flightline 703 are currently just £2 regardless of journey length.

Boost is available on London Line and Flightline for younger people - it's our name for a child fare and allows you to get discounted travel up to the age of 18. If you are buying on any of our apps, you must verify your age or educational status before you can use a Boost ticket. If you're lucky enough to look over 18 when buying onboard you may also be asked for ID from the driver.

more ways to pay

We like to make life easy here at Reading Buses, so our handy Windsor Express app has mobile ticket (mTicket) availability meaning you can buy tickets on your phone! The Windsor Express app provides all the tickets you need for both London Line 702 and Flightline 703 services.

We also take cash and contactless payments on board and smartcards are also available to purchase from our online shop.

London Line and Flightline period tickets

The tickets in the table below are only available from London Line 702 & Flightline 703 buses, but once purchased can be used on any Reading Buses service.

on bus tickets
 adult single £2
adult return £4
 Boost single £2
Boost return £4
group £55
mobile app tickets
  all day daysaver5 7 days 30 days 365 days
adult n/a £60 £60 £220 £1999
Boost (18 & under) n/a n/a £42 £155 £1400
group £50 n/a n/a n/a n/a
group ticket

Windsor Express group tickets can only be bought and used on London Line 702 & Flightline 703 buses, and are valid for up to four people travelling together all day - just £55 (£50 on the app!), saving you up to 40%!


We know that more people are now choosing to work more flexibly and so we have tickets to suit! You can buy our daysaver5 which gives you five separate days of travel on London Line 702 & Flightline 703, to help save you money even if you aren't travelling as often with us. These cost just £57 on the app.  You activate each day separately so you still get a saving even though you aren't travelling every day. 

simplySlough & Windsor zone

We have, in conjunction with Thames Valley Buses, a simplySlough & Windsor fare zone which covers the Slough and Windsor area.  

You can buy tickets in this zone and use them on any Thames Valley or Windsor Express services bus. If you travel outside of this zone, you will need to buy different tickets. See the table of period tickets below. You can buy these on the Green Line app.

For a map of the simplySlough & Windsor fare zone, and all the routes you can use, click here

  all day daysaver5 7 day 28 day (4-weekly)
adult £6 £20 £20 £70
Boost £3.70 n/a £14 £53

for full details on the services within the simplySlough & Windsor zone, visit Thames Valley Buses

simplyNetwork (Berkshire) group ticket

Travel as a group and save on London Line 702 & Flight Line 703 outside of London. Up to 4 people travel together (any combination of adults and children) for £21 before 9.30am Monday to Friday or £15.50 at all other times and on school and public holidays. This ticket is only valid for travel on London Line 702 & Flight Line 703 outside of London and on all Reading Buses services.  

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