we've been nominated for an award!

1 month ago Tue 10th Aug 2021

We work incredibly hard making our buses as safe as can be, so much so we’ve been nominated for another award.

We, along with one of our lovely suppliers, have been nominated for a Fleet Safety Partnership Award from the prestigious UK Fleet Champions Awards 2021.

Our collaborator, MiX Telematics, is a cutting edge technology company that has partnered with us for over half a decade to give our fleet an onboard computer that collects live stream data on safety and efficiency – which basically gives us a view of how the buses and awards a red, amber or green score based on certain actions.

This real-time information for our drivers allows them to better understand what they are doing and by having the information to hand straight away, they can make better, safer decisions when driving. For our control team, it helps to understand how our buses navigate Reading and beyond, helping us identify ways to make our journeys safer for our customers, drivers and other road users.

The system has improved our already impressive safety record with reduced non-fault incidents and further improved the safety records of our drivers.

The nomination is a wonderful reflection of the investment and work we have done to use analytics to help us make journeys safer for everyone.

We’re up against strong competition but we think our partnership in delivering outstanding results with MiX, who work to make roads safer all over the world, gives us an edge.

The award ceremony is 23 September, so we have our fingers crossed and we hope that we come away with another shiny award!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!