We're Top Operator!

4 weeks ago Tue 29th Sep 2020

We have won some more awards!

We are thrilled to have been endorsed by National Express as one of their partnering operators for the Woking 925 service. 

top operator

The National Express Operator of the Year Awards recently named us as Operator of the Year in the 1-5 vehicle category.

The commendation in the awards is based on engineering standards, the number of miles run, customers carried, praise and complaints.

In a year of cancelled award ceremonies, it is great that we have been recognised in this way. The whole team has been incredible in their dedication, from the drivers to the team behind the scenes, ensuring that the service runs on time and to the highest standard.

It just goes to show that even in the strangest of circumstances, our team is still one of the very best!

golden spanner for engineering excellence

In addition to crowning us their Operator of the Year in the 1-5 vehicle category, National Express awarded us a ‘Golden Spanner' for our Woking 925 service for achieving the gold engineering standard.

The spanners were presented to the team behind the scenes, with our Engineering Manager Sam Nolan and Engineers Nick Field and Mark Wiggins accepting the spanners and certificate. 

We would like to thank the whole team for their dedication as they have applied their high standards to this contracted service. Our engineers always put a lot of effort into ensuring that the vehicles are in top condition for each and every journey – as they do for the whole of the our fleet - so it's a big thank you and well done from us all.