We're pausing your mTickets

3 weeks ago Thu 5th Nov 2020

Great news!

We know that many of you will have bought tickets on our app thinking that some normality was returning – which makes the news of the new lockdown even more shocking. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered!

We’re going to pause your mTickets during this lockdown to help with your peace of mind.

For all of you who have bought active tickets with seven days or more left on them, your tickets will be paused and won’t count down anymore!

If you want to travel with us, simply reactivate your ticket and you’re good to go! Please note though, they won’t be able to be paused again, so if you need to travel every now and then, we recommend that you buy a new ticket for occasional travel, such as the new daysaver5, and then reactivate your period ticket once the lockdown is over and you will be travelling more regularly again.

We’re keen not to disadvantage you during this second national lockdown, and know that it’s actions like this, that make all the difference.

Relax! Your ticket countdown is off.