We trial the full-electric 'bus of the future'

2 years ago Tue 5th Nov 2019

It has been called the ‘bus of the future’ and it is now in Reading!

We are trialling a brand new full-electric bus for the week of November 4.

The first few days will see the bus being checked by our award-winning engineering department and to allow our employees to become familiar with its many innovative features.

The bus will then go into service on the Winnersh Triangle Park and Ride between Thursday November 7 and Saturday November 9.

why 'bus of the future'?

The bus has a whole host of great features that give customers added extras and great comfort, as well as the bus being a fill-electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions.

mirrorless driving

There are no standard mirrors on the exterior of the bus, these have been replaced with cameras (and monitors for the driver). This gives a wider area of visibility to the driver as well as more clarity.

The cameras maintain good image quality in all conditions, including the dark, and the software removes any distortion from rain drops or dirt on the lens.

added extras for a better on-board experience

There are mobile phone pods on the back of every seat. These incorporate a phone holder, USB ports, a coat hook and a reading light.

A full shelf is provided in front of the first raised row of seats towards the rear for reading magazines and wireless phone charging. A table with wireless charging points is included for the first time on a single deck bus.

design and comfort

The bus is built with comfort in mind, with excellent low-floor access, large windows and futuristic LED lighting. The seats are large and comfortable leather-effect with the now standard to Reading, coffee-shop style flooring. 

Glazed rear panels also give a much more open feeling interior. 

Whilst we don’t have any immediate plans to purchase electric vehicles, the trial provides us with an opportunity to learn about the technology and some of the interior features could be incorporated into any new vehicle order regardless of the fuel.