A new and unique colour scheme for some of our buses

2 months ago Mon 29th Apr 2024

Chances are you may have spotted a few of our buses running between Central Reading and the University recently that have a very unique, new, colour scheme!

This is the first phase of some improvements to the University service. We have taken this early opportunity to repaint three of our ex-lion buses into the new colour scheme ready for a big launch in September! The buses will be found on our claret 21a route, in preparation for the changes for the new academic year.

The new colour scheme is designed to stand out from the rest of our network by being more muted – and to fit in with the new name and logo which is being kept a closely guarded secret.

We know you will all want to know more about the changes, but sufficed to say this new service will be the perfect steed for your travels between town and the campus!  

our new and unique coloured bus

Stay tuned for more details on our exciting university changes which will be announced on our website soon!