Timetables changes from Mon 6 Jan

10 months ago Fri 29th Nov 2019

We are making some changes to some of our routes in the new year. The changes are being made to the lion 4/X4, tiger 7 and the school routes 84 and 92 for Reading Buses as well as some minor changes to Newbury & District routes 1a & 1c.

All routes will have new timetables from Monday 6 January - you can see what is changing in detail for each service below.

lion 4 - change of route in South Bracknell

The lion 4 will, from 6 January, run a more direct route to Bracknell after leaving Great Hollands (and the same in reverse). The lion 4 will no longer run via Crown Wood and Birch Hill. Buses will still run the normal route from Reading to Great Hollands. Customers will still be able to get buses to/from Bracknell in these areas by using Courtney Buses services 171 and 172 - tickets will be inter-available between Courtney Buses and ourselves in this area. To help the changeover, we have included the times for the 171 and 172 in our new timetable. 

The lion will now also see some journeys extended to the Waitrose Distribution Centre on Doncastle Road to match shift times. 

The X4 route remains the same.

The frequency of the service remains at every 15 minutes, but the timings of journeys have changed to help improve reliability. 

Click here for the new timetable

Click here for the new route map

fares changes 

Some fares will also change in the simplyBracknell area from the same date as we align the Reading Buses and Courtney fares. The simplyBracknell area and the Courtney south Bracknell zone will become the simplySouth Bracknell zone.

The new fares in the simplySouth Bracknell zone from Monday 6 Jan will be:

  single return day 7 day 30 day
adult £2.50 £3.20 £3.40 £12.50 £45
boost (18 & under) £1.30 £2 £2.50 £8.50 £31

There will also be some changes to a few on-the-bus fares. The new fares can be seen here

Tickets bought in the simplySouth Bracknell zone are available for use on both ours (Reading Buses and Green Line) and Courtney's services - with the exception of smartcards which are not able to be used on both due to technical differences. If you currently have a smartcard, you can use the Reading Buses or Green Line app instead! Green Line customers will see some reductions in this area as part of the restructuring of validity.

The Courtney Buses services that the simplySouth Bracknell tickets are valid on are; routes 108, 171, 172, 194 to Ringwood and 162 between Heatherwood Hospital and Brookside in North Ascot. 

The simplyWokingham and Bracknell zone fares are unchanged, but you can now use your tickets/mTickets (expect smartcards as above) on all Courtney Buses services within the zone. 

tiger 7 - reduced service between Spencers Wood and Fleet

Due to very low usage on the service between Fleet and Spencers Wood, the tiger will be reduced to five journeys to/from Fleet which cover the most used journeys by schoolchildren, commuters and shoppers. The service between Reading and Spencers Wood will remain hourly for most of the day.

Great news for customers on the Basingstoke Road is that we are reverting to having buses pick up in both directions in the Reading area.

Click here for the new timetable

Customers in Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross will also benefit from improvements coming in February to other routes which will increase the options of buses to Reading - watch this space for details!

school route 84 - change of route in Caversham

To help improve the reliability of this service, the route in Caversham will change. Buses will now run along Henley Road and Lowfield Road rejoining Peppard Road near the junction of Kidmore End Road. This is to help avoid traffic that is delaying the service.

This will mean that route 84 will no longer be a viable option to get to Highdown School - although from looking at usage, we don't believe any students were using it for this purpose anyway.

The times towards Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School have been amended to reflect this change. The times from school remain the same.

Click here for the new timetable.

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school route 92 - additional bus from Bohunt School

We have been working in conjunction with Wokingham Borough Council to ensure that Bohunt has the correct service for its students. There will be an additional early-afternoon journey introduced from Bohunt School to California during Mondays to Thursdays. It will follow the same route as the existing 92, but terminates at Ratepayers Hall. 

Click here for the new timetable.

Click here for the new route map.

Newbury & District 1a/1c - minor timetable tweaks

There will be a minor timetable change to reinstate the cross-Thatcham journeys during the afternoon peak during Monday to Fridays. Most journeys will not be affected.

Click here for the new timetable.