Timetable changes 17 Jan

2 years ago Thu 6th Jan 2022

We are going to be reducing the frequency on some services from Monday 17 January. This will affect ruby 10, greenwave 50 and Mereoak park & ride.

The changes are largely due to vastly reduced customer numbers on these services, coupled with the impact of the Omnicron wave. The number of our drivers available for work at any one time has dropped and, whilst we are still in a much better position that other operators nationally, we are finding it difficult to cover all our routes effectively. For this reason, we have chosen some of the most lightly used routes to make reductions on to enable us to free up our driving colleagues to help keep the rest of the network running reliably. 

These changes are currently temporary until we can better assess the situation once the Omicron wave subsides. 

There will still be more than enough buses for customers to get around, but this will better match the current demand. 

ruby 10

Ruby 10 will reduce to a frequency of every 30 minutes from its current 20 minute frequency.

Click here for the new timetable.

greenwave 50

Greenwave 50 will have a new frequency of up to every 15 minutes during Monday to Friday (currently up to every 10 minutes) - there will also be some slight changes to the Saturday times.

Click here for the new timetable.

mereoak park & ride

The park & ride at Mereoak also sees some reductions in frequency as it becomes up to every 20 minutes for the majority of the day. We are also withdrawing the Sunday service due to low usage. 

Click here for the new timetable.


We are also withdrawing the tiger 7 service at the same time. Click here for details