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silverstars buses for Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge school

114 days ago Fri 24th Aug 2018

Wednesday 5 September

Pupils who are in year 7 and year 11 should arrive at school at the normal time and silverstars bus services 22S, 23S and 25S will all be running normally for this. All other pupils are not expected to arrive at school until 11am so we, in partnership with Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School, are running additional journeys on services 22S, 23S and 25S with a later arrival time at school on this day only.

Click here for the timetables for these late services.

See below for information on the normal buses including some important changes for September.

normal service

Service 921 will be renumbered to service 22S. There will be a minor change to the route in the Emmer Green area to allow this bus to serve Highdown School. Marshland Square and The Pond stops will no longer be used. Instead, you should use bus stops at St Barnabas Church, Black Horse and Cavendish Road.

Service 922 will be renumbered to service 23S. There will be no changes to the route of this service, but it will now use all bus stops on its route. It will no longer be limited stop. This will be the only service for the Caversham Park area.

Service 923 will be renumbered to service 25S. The service will have a completely different route, but all of Lower Caversham will continue to be served. If you currently catch this bus from outside the Travellers Rest pub on Henley Road you should wait at the bus stop on the opposite side of the road in the mornings.

Pink 25 will no longer divert via Chiltern Edge School. If you are travelling from Central Reading or Peppard Road you should use route 25S.

You will need to buy Silverstars tickets and smartcards to travel on services 22S, 23S and 25S. Boost tickets and smartcards will not be valid.

For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, visit

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