Shopping at IKEA

56 days ago Fri 22nd Jun 2018

Our wonderful sky blue 15 and yellow 26 both now run to the IKEA superstore in Calcot. Our buses take you right to the front door and back again, allowing you to relax and not have to worry about parking!

However, we know that some people are still unsure about how you can shop at IKEA and still use the bus - after all, it's hard enough getting that flat-pack wardrobe into your trolley, let alone on a bus! Fear not, as we present our handy guide to what you can, and can't, take on the bus.  

Blue bags are the key

If you are an ardent IKEA shopper, then you will know that they have their iconic blue bags to help you get your shopping home. These are a great measure of what you can bring on board our buses. 

Like normal shopping bags, blue bags are fine to bring on board, provided there is space to put them safely - please remember not to take up any seating space with them as other customers will need to sit down too!

Multiple blue bags are fine to bring on board, providing you are not blocking the aisles or taking up seating space with them. If the bus is quiet, you should easily be able to find space for them - such as standing near the front (although remember that wheelchairs users have priority in the wheelchair bay).


If you have managed to keep your impulse purchases to a minimum and only have one blue bag, it is even easier to find space. 

You can either find space in the luggage racks, or make use of the ample leg room by your seat. 

A good rule of thumb is to think about what you can carry - if you can easily carry a bag or an item (think about the size and shape as well as the weight!) then you will probably be able to bring it on board the bus. 

If you have something that is OK to bring on board, but is an awkward shape, please remember to be considerate to your fellow passengers.

Brought your own bags? That's fine too - as long as they are the same size or smaller than the blue bags, then you can hop on board!

Please do not put bags on the seat, as this takes up space for other customers. 

Bulky items and home delivery


If you have bought something larger that won't fit in a blue bag, have a quick think about whether you could reasonably expect to travel by bus with it - if you think not then you are probably right! Please think before you buy an item and attempt to travel on the bus - we want to make sure we can get you home safely!

driver's decision is final

There will be some items that are borderline in terms of whether you can travel safely with them or not, if you are unsure, you can ask the driver. The driver will decide whether you are able to travel with your items or not - this could depend on the time of day, how busy the bus is and whether there are other users who will need the space you will take up (e.g. wheelchair users or parents with buggies). 

The driver will have a good understanding as to whether you can safely travel with your item(s) or not, so their decision is final. 

oversized items - use home delivery!

If you have oversized items, then you will not be able to take them on the bus. Most 'oversized' items should be pretty obvious, but (as noted in the blue bags section) a good rule of thumb is whether you can easily carry the items or not. If you need a trolley or cannot easily carry an item on your own, then it's probably too big for the bus. 

If you do have bulky or large items, you can take advantage of IKEA's home delivery service in-store. 

Simply take your purchases to the 'Delivery service' desk and they will help to sort it all out for you. 

For more information on their home delivery service, including prices, click here

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