“roarsome” new buses for lion 4 and X4

2 months ago Wed 14th Feb 2024

We’ve introduced brand-new vehicles on our lion 4 and X4 routes!

These new vehicles provide new features to help make your journey with us even more comfortable.

Our new lion fleet features eight buses, all fitted with comfortable high-back seating, USB, USB-C and wireless charging throughout (allowing you to stay charged while you travel), tables for working from and an air chill system upstairs to help you cool down on warm summer days. There's also a glazed staircase and tinted windows to allow in plenty of natural light and mood lighting throughout the vehicle for when it’s dark too.

Some of our customers familiar with our Windsor Express routes might notice these buses are much like the ones we introduced last year on the London Line 702 and Flightline 703 routes and we hope that our lion 4 and X4 customers will enjoy them as much as our customers have on those routes too. 

Accompanying the new buses is a refreshed look for the lion brand too, featuring new shades of yellow and gold for both the new buses branding and timetables. There is also a new, more stylish, lion logo too.

up to every 20 minutes

There’s no change to the timetables or route and buses are remaining at up to every 20 minutes Monday through Saturday and up to every 30 minutes on Sundays.  

great value fares

Customers using lion 4 and X4 will continue to be able to take advantage of our great value £2 help for household singles and tap on tap off readers are fitted to the entire fleet too so you can tap on and off to always get the best value fare for your journey.

We hope that you enjoy riding our new buses!

our band new lion 4 and X4 buses