£1 Sunday single fares

6 months ago Fri 1st Dec 2023

Great news for pink 25 customers who live in, or are visiting, Oxfordshire as each Sunday in December will be just £1 single fare each way. 

Oxfordshire County Council are be funding a scheme to allow passengers travelling in and out of Oxfordshire to travel for £1 each way on Sundays throughout December. The last Sunday will be Christmas Eve, Sunday 24 December.

Anyone getting on or off in Oxfordshire will be able to buy a ticket for £1. This means customers on pink 25 who live in the area between Peppard Common and Abbey Rugby Club (our last stop in the Oxfordshire area) will be able to travel in both directions for just £1. 

Tap On Tap Off will work with this offer, you just need to remember to tap on or off in Oxfordshire for the offer to be registered otherwise you may be charged the normal £2 single fare.