Our online ticket shop is changing

1 year ago Fri 1st Jul 2022

We are re-launching our online ticket shop! From Tuesday 12 July, you will only need one login for both our website and app.

If you already have a smartcard and use our webshop to top-up, this means some changes to the way you login and use the online system - but don't worry, we'll explain everything below!

Why the change?

To make things easier! We currently use a different provider for our online shop to the one we use for the app and overall website. By bringing the online shop onto the same system, you can now choose to have your ticket sent as a smartcard or straight to your phone as a mobile ticket and have better control over your account. It also means the shop is much easier to use on your mobile phone. 

We are also introducing subscriptions on our app and online mobile tickets - meaning you can use your credit or debit card to automatically buy your weekly or monthly tickets without having to think about it. And when you want it to stop, you just cancel the payments and no more tickets will be sent to your app. 

how to use the new shop

which login do I use?

Once the new shop is live: To login, click the link at the top right of the page - above the navigation menu (there will also be a link on the shop page).

If you already have a login for our mobile app, then you use the same one for our online shop! 

If you have a smartcard and an existing online shop login, this will no longer work and you will need to either login with your app details or register a new account. Please note, you will need to add your smartcard(s) to your account after logging in - see below. 

how to add a smartcard to your account

Once you have logged in click on 'smartcards' and then 'add another card to your account' - this will take you to a page where you type in the long number on the back of your smartcard (which usually starts with 63359701) and press 'register smartcard' - once done your smartcard will appear in the list on the smartcard section allowing you to top it up. 

If you have more than one smartcard, you can repeat the steps above to add all your smartcards. 

how do I top-up my smartcard?

Login to your account and go into your smartcard section. The smartcard you want to top-up should have a 'buy travel' link on it that you can click - you then just need to put your email address in and card details (you can save your payment card here for future ease) and hit 'buy top-up'. It's that simple.

Your top-up should be available on your card the next day, but please leave at least 24 hours to be sure.  

Direct debits

As part of this change, we will no longer be able to offer Direct Debits for annual tickets on Boost. You will however be able to sign up to a subscription for the app which uses your debit or credit card to pay monthly without needing to physically select your tickets - the payments are taken automatically each week or month (depending on what you select). See the FAQ link below for more details. 

frequently asked questions

For a list of all the frequently asked questions about the new shop, please click here