A new bus link for Heathrow Airport

2 years ago Thu 31st Oct 2019

We are very excited to announce the introduction of a brand new route between Iver, Colnbrook and Heathrow Airport. We have been working in partnership with Slough Borough Council and Heathrow Airport to introduce the new route to help commuters and holiday makers from those areas have a sustainable link to the airport. 

The new route will be implemented in three phases as we trial different bus types.

The new route will be numbered 459 and will run through Poyle, Colnbrook, Langley and Iver to Heathrow Terminal 5. Initially, the service will be free until the full timetable is introduced in early 2020. 

For the initial timetable, click here.

For a map of the new route - click here

Phase one - electric power

The first of the three phases of the new Reading Buses 459 service starts on November 4 and will run until December 20.

The initial timetable will operate Monday to Friday between approximately 9.30am and 2.30pm – and will be completely free to use. This first phase will be trialled using a full electric bus.

Phase two - using our gas knowledge

For phase two, we will use one of our single deck buses that run on compressed natural gas - this phase will run between January 2 and January 31.

Phase three - full timetable

Once we have trialled the electric and gas buses, we will be in a position to implement the full timetable from February 3 - which will include a service running from 3am until after midnight and, of course, include weekends. From phase three, full fares will be in operation, with these communicated well before they start. 

The service will be run by a  Euro 6 diesel engine bus – which has fewer emissions than even a single occupancy modern car.

We hope that customers try out this new service and give us feedback on what works, and what doesn't work so we can ensure this route runs well into the future.