Meet your latest stars of the Month

1 month ago Thu 30th Jun 2022

Our latest Stars of the Month have been announced and they come from our finance and control room teams.

finance stars

From the finance team the Star awards have been made to Owen Lovelock, Joanna Zajac, and Jo Buckland for rising to the challenge of losing a team member.

After our Payroll Manager left the business, we were left for more than a month without someone to coordinate our payroll - but the team stepped up and professionally processed the payrolls from start to finish to ensure everyone continued to be paid accurately and on time.

The team continued to support each other during this period which also included working through the financial year end and several bank holidays adding further challenges to the process.

Awais shines

During the same month, Network Supervisor Awais Iqbal also shone brightly to claim his Star of the Month award after being nominated by a team mate for the way he adapted to his new role. He was described and being able to remain calm under pressure and deal professionally with drivers, managers and customers.

He had also successfully managed to cover another department after a short period of training which meant that the company could continue to ensure that drivers were allocated to correct rotas.