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Meet our latest Stars

162 days ago Mon 14th Jan 2019

We are delighted to announce a trio of our recent stars of the month!

Each month, we choose our 'stars' from a list of people nominated via customer, stakeholder and colleague compliments - looking for employees who have gone above and beyond their duty or who have given consistently excellent performances.

Andy Cooper goes the extra mile

In the early hours on a Sunday, Andy had just finished his duty in the engineering department, but as he was leaving the depot, he was asked by the control room if he could help them out of a predicament as a bus had become stranded.

Andy didn't hesitate and responded immediately. He changed back into his overalls, grabbed some tools, jumped in the engineering van and headed off to the stranded bus.

His willing attitude helped us to avoid a hefty recovery charge.

Two of his colleagues nominated him for 'Star of the Month', which was seconded by two further colleagues. 

Andy did a great job and is a deserving Star of the Month winner.

Paul Comley - the unsung hero

Newbury Supervisor Paul, was our second star.

Paul was nominated as being integral to the running of our Newbury depot. It's many people's opinion that if it wasn’t for Paul, many things in Newbury just wouldn’t happen!

He was nominated by his manager for keeping the Newbury depot running whilst also organising special events, including the Royal County of Berkshire Show.

Paul does his job effortlessly, and rarely requires help or assistance, just quietly getting on with things.

Paul's overall high quality performance helped in his case to be named as a star.

A caring side to Javed Kayani 

Our final star of this batch is Control Room Manager, Javed, who was nominated by one of our drivers.

The driver in question had a family emergency and Javed pulled out all the stops to cover his shift which allowed him to take the day off work.  Javed showed real concern for the situation for which the driver was very grateful.

Javed works really well with all the drivers. He has been with us for 14 years and used to drive himself and so remembers what their needs are. He is always helpful and will do anything for anybody, meaning he is another worthy star.

Congratulations to all our stars who are invited to our 'Night with the Stars' celebrations later this month where we name our Driving, Engineering and Office stars of the year who then compete to be crowned the overall Star of the Year. 

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