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Kieran & Bruce are stars

1 month ago Fri 20th Dec 2019

Kieran and Bruce are this months stars 

Kieran always has a fantastic work ethic.  His willingness to help and his flexibility around work make him an amazing asset to the Reading Buses team. This month Kieran proved this further, by attending a breakdown in his own car when no company van was available. This was truly above and beyond and promoted a nomination for our Star of the Month award. Well done Kieran! 

Yuk! Burst water mains happen, and one caused the street to flood. On seeing a pedestrian stranded on their way to work with no way of getting across the flood without getting their work clothes wet, Bruce came to their rescue. He stopped the bus and offered them a lift past the water. This was hugely appreciated by the pedestrian who wrote in to nominate Bruce for our Star of the Month. Bruce is an excellent ambassador for the company and is well deserving of this award. Well done Bruce! 


Has someone in our company gone the extra mile to make your journey amazing?

Whether it’s a driver that’s always cheery and brightens your day or has displayed outstanding professionalism, a member of our customer service team that has been a huge help or if you’ve seen a member of our team going the extra mile, why not nominate them to be our star of the month?

All you need to do is write to us, phone in, send us a message on social media or pick up a form at our depot and explain why you’re nominating this person. In return, they will receive formal recognition, an invitation to our Night with the Stars award ceremony and a prize! Who will your star be?

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