and the winners of our GEM awards are...

3 months ago Tue 2nd Feb 2021

A huge thank you to all of you who nominated someone for our GEM (going the extra mile) awards.
We know that ALL of our employees are gems and everyone has worked incredibly hard, especially in the past year, to ensure that we are cleaner, safer, and more reliable than ever before. 

134 nominations. 12 categories. 15 winners.  Team Reading Buses at its best. The winners are...
a picture of michelle and owen

💎 Working together, Michelle Westwell-White & Owen Lovelock

Payroll Manager, Michelle, and Financial Information Officer, Owen, have gone above and beyond working as a team. 2020 threw them the challenge of furlough arrangements and ever-changing regulations. Michelle and Owen showed their can-do attitude to make sure employees were paid correctly and on time. Two true stars and absolute gems.

a picture of mick shillingford

💎 Unsung hero, Mick Shillingford

Engineer, Mick Shillingford is our Unsung Hero! Described as a “legend who works behind the scenes to helps the operation of our buses run more smoothly and responds to any engineering help needed on the road”. A credit to our Engineering Team who keep your buses safe and working.

a picture of gary

💎 Customer choice, Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews is our Customer Choice winner, for stepping up to help scared little girl who had got on the bus in the wrong direction. An amazing driver who calmed down a child in need - kept her safe, making sure she got where she needed to go. A true professional!
a picture of martin terrett

💎 Engineering excellence, Martin Terrett

Our Engineering Excellence award recognises exceptional work and amazing technical expertise. From helping find innovative solutions to fixing air conditioning during the sweltering summer of 2020 through to passing on his knowledge to our apprentices – Mechanic Martin exudes excellence. Well done.

a picture of the unite team

💎 Being caring, The Unite the Union team, lead by Sue Stevens & Trish James

The next winners have the biggest hearts – caring for our employees in need. The Unite the Union team, lead by Union representatives and bus drivers, Sue and Trish, win the Being Caring award for setting up an employee foodbank to help employees struggling with financial hardship. Even under pressure, they came up with initiatives and always with a two-mile smile. 😊

a picture of sam nolan

💎 Engineering hero, Sam Nolan

Engineering Manager, Sam Nolan is our Engineering hero. Sam has worked tirelessly to make sure our large fleet of buses are Covid-secure, serviced and safe, all while covering numerous roles of furloughed employees. Leading the Engineering team through challenging times and keeping buses safe - awesome effort.

a picture of moxom

💎 Service delivery hero, Richard Moxom

Richard Moxom, Operations Support Manager, is our Service delivery hero. Richard covered the responsibilities of several furloughed employees, including roadworks and diversions and assisting the operations team, all whilst maintaining focus on our insurance claims and updating some of our policies and procedures. He did this with determination, thought and professionalism. A positive can-do attitude and a big smile makes him our hero.

a picture of denise and babar

💎 Emergency response, Denise Pyzzie & Babar Kiyani

Our special ‘Emergency response’ award goes to Supervisors Denise Pyzzie and Babar Kiyani, for the way they responded as a team on the evening of the Forbury terror attack. As the roads started to close, both were put to the test in extreme conditions to keep buses running. Calm, professional and thinking of others. Truly brilliant champions.

a picture of sarah

💎 Driver's choice, Sarah Defferary

Chosen by our drivers, Bus driver Sarah Defferary, is always caring for her work colleagues. Even during a tough 2020, she has gone out of her way by putting her colleagues first, including when a colleague’s dog had to be put down. Always thinking of others – that’s why Sarah is Driver’s choice. Well done Sarah.

a picture of awais

💎 Rising star, Awais Iqbal

Meeting every challenge in 2020, Control Room Supervisor Awais is our Rising Star. Since joining the Control Room team in January 2020 Awais has consistently delivered. Keeping buses running reliably & supporting drivers, Awais is consistently calm and supportive. Despite, it no longer being his main role, Awais understands the challenges faced by our frontline driving employees and will always provide support and clear direction to help drivers. Never flustered when under pressure, Awais works in a calm and logical manner, playing his important role in ensuring we provide the best possible service for our customers.

a picture of krystian

💎 Driving hero, Krystian Lobodziec

And our driving hero is… Krystian Lobodziec. A Reading Buses driver whose can-do manner is simply fantastic! Especially in 2020, his professionalism and willingness to change shifts to make sure we have the right drivers in the right place, has helped key workers get where they need to go - even in a pandemic! 

💎 Support hero

Our Schedules Officer is the Support Hero. Normally planning and scheduling the buses and drivers for two significant changes to services a year, in 2020 our winner undertook six major changes in just three months! An exceptionally mammoth effort. Completely invaluable – thank you!