Free day ticket

3 weeks ago Fri 3rd Sep 2021

Life has been hard for a while now and as a little lift, and to say thank you to everyone, we are doing our biggest ever giveaway on the Reading Buses app.

All accounts - which were registered by Sunday September 12 - on our app will be eligible for a free simplyNetwork day ticket. No catches, just a free ticket. All you needed to do was to have downloaded the app and registered an account.

The free day ticket will be available on 17 September and can be used on all our services in the simplyNetwork area any day before the end of the month. 

why are we doing this?

After the last year and a bit, we wanted to put a smile back on people's faces... and if it encouraged more bus travel, then even better!

We want to thank those customers who have been travelling with us throughout the pandemic, give a warm welcome back to those who may not have travelled with us for a while and tempt to those who may not have previously experienced our award-winning services to give us a try.

This is our way of saying thank you to everyone and to encourage more people to download our app as there are so many benefits of using it.

our fantastic app

As mentioned above, you needed to have an account registered on our app before 12 September to get the free day ticket. But for those who have never used our app, here's a few reasons why you should have it anyway!

  • mobile tickets - no need to mess around with cash and find the exact fare. Get your ticket before you travel and always guarantee the best fare. It also helps to speed up boarding time and keep payments contactless.
  • plan your journey - don't worry about how to get from a to b, our app will tell you.
  • live times at your stop - find out when the bus is due from your favourite stops
  • live bus tracking - see your buses in real time on a live map and see where they are on the route
  • check timetables - all our timetables are in the app for checking

Remember, if you don’t have the Reading Buses app, download it today and register an account by September 12 to get your free day ticket.