face coverings on buses

2 years ago Mon 29th Nov 2021

It has now been announced that from Thursday 27 January 2022, the so-called 'plan B' restrictions will largely be removed. This means that face coverings will no longer be compulsory on our buses. 

We recognise that many of you will still want to wear a face covering when travelling with us and we actively encourage you all to continue to do so when the buses are busy. Overall, it will become each individuals decision whether to wear a face covering or not. 

If you do to continue to wear a face covering (and we hope you do during busy times) then it's worth recapping some of the information from before:

  • A face covering can be a homemade mask or a simple covering such as a scarf.
    • whilst we are happy for any face covering to be used, guidance from the NHS suggests that effective face coverings should have the following
      • a nose wire
      • have at least two/three layers of material
      • fit snugly over mouth, nose and chin
  • When wearing face coverings, remember to not touch your face or adjust the covering until you are off the bus - and to wash/sanitise your hands before you do.
  • All our frontline employees have company-issued reusable face masks for them to use if they wish.