face coverings

3 months ago Tue 25th Jan 2022

With the government’s plan B measures being removed from Thursday 27 January, face coverings will no longer be compulsory on our buses. 

We're still encouraging you to wear a face covering on busy journeys.

We will continue to rely on the goodwill of our customers to be respectful to each other as face coverings become a personal choice for each traveller. 

Please be reassured, it will continue to be safe to travel by bus.

Our buses are clean and safe and we encourage customers to open windows to provide extra ventilation. It is worth remembering that there is usually plenty of space upstairs on double deck buses too.

The physical separation of the driver will continue to be in place as our buses have a perspex screen between the driver and customers.

Already, more people have decided to go back to the office by bus rather than working from home. We want to welcome everybody back to avoid worsening traffic congestion. 

Government funding to keep services running during the pandemic is being phased out, so we really look forward to welcoming you back on board soon.