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Increase to service levels from Mon 1 June

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The end of a great year with Autism Berkshire

1 year ago Wed 9th Jan 2019

It is always mixed emotions when we say goodbye to our Charity of the Year. We are always sad to say goodbye, but it gives us a chance to reflect on a fantastic partnership!

Our Charity for 2018 was Autism Berkshire and we had a great time with them doing lots of activities and, of course, raising lots of money!

For the fourth year in a row, we raised over £10,000 with the final total this year being... (drum roll please)...

A whopping £11,719.61!

This is an amazing total and would not be possible without the contribution from our employees, our customers and the charity themselves. 

a great partnership

In what has been a memorable year, there have been many highlights for both us and Autism Berkshire.

Of course, the biggest highlight has to be our Open Day in June which raised over £9,000 thanks to the generosity of all the visitors and our wonderful sponsors. 

We cannot forget our wonderful driver Darcey Harrington, who raised £1,200 by conquering all fear and jumping from a plane at over 12,000 feet.

There were also plenty of raffles, bake sales and general collections at all our depots which helped top up the final total.

This year was our 11th of having such a partnership and each year we learn more about how to maximise the potential and shine a light on our chosen charity.

We are one of the biggest and most visible employers in the town and like to support the focus of charities such as Autism Berkshire and recognise the good work that they do. It's great that our employees love getting behind important local causes and have played a very important part in our fundraising activities.

The partnership also led to Autism Berkshire helping us deliver our current driver training course to help staff learn about the needs of autistic people on a face-to-face basis.

They have been attending every course to help drivers better understand the needs of those with Autism.

We wish Autism Berkshire all the best and know they will continue to deliver the best care and education for the area. 

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