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Confidence in the dark

2 months ago Thu 7th Nov 2019

You may already have seen that the Reading Buses app now has a new feature - Dark Mode!

easier on the eye

Dark Mode makes it easier to use the apps at the start or end of the day, by reducing screen glare in low light conditions, helping users who are suffering from eye fatigue. For users with longer-term sight issues, the additional contrast can also make using apps easier. 

feel safer during the evening

The new Dark Mode is designed to help you feel less vulnerable when using your phone in the dark at the bus stop. When you switch to Dark Mode, your screen brightness becomes significantly reduced - meaning it's less obvious that you are using your phone.

collection of dark mode screenshots

save power

You can also benefit from better battery usage when using Dark Mode too. This function makes the brightness of the screen lower, so uses a little less power.

your ticket stays in the light

To avoid any confusion when scanning a ticket, the ticket view will ignore the Dark Mode setting. This means that tickets will always appear in the normal (light) theme. 

how to turn on Dark Mode

To switch on Dark Mode, go to the settings menu and choosing one of three settings: On, Off or System default.

For Android 10 and iOS 13 users, Dark Mode is now supported by the operating system, setting the Passenger Dark Mode to “System default” will ensure the app matches the system setting.

System default will be the preselected option with this update, meaning if you have Dark Mode enabled on iOS 13 or Android 10, the app will automatically adopt Dark Mode too.

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