Completing the Connection

1 month ago Fri 30th Jul 2021

We are delighted to announce that our £1.5m technological upgrade is coming to a successful conclusion. After securing funding for the project through Government’s Local Growth Fund via the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The application to the LEP was made last year for funding to upgrade the audio and visual next stop announcement hardware on buses as well as improve and implement live times infrastructure for customers.

for the whole of the Thames Valley

Whilst our customers in Reading are used to next stop audio and visual announcements, the customers of Thames Valley Buses and Newbury & District are not and this funding has enabled these companies to upgrade buses. It also allowed us to implement:

  • New bus departure screens at Reading and Newbury Stations
  • An upgrade of the back-office system
  • An improved online shop
  • Installation of audio visual systems on 51 buses across Berkshire and upgraded 27 more to the same specification.

This means that Reading Buses, Newbury & District and Thames Valley Buses now all have audio and visual next stop announcement systems on our public buses to help customers know where their stops are.

We have also been able to implement improvements to the system that provides the data to the buses has also been upgraded. This will bring improvements to the ‘real time’ predictions on the our app, website, bus shelters, railway stations and control room.

making buses even easier

To show how easy it is to use the bus, we have made this video showing a typical customer journey.