Changes to 7 and 30 day fares

14 days ago Fri 5th Oct 2018

It has been over two years since we last changed our main fares in Reading, as we have taken lots of actions to cut our costs in order to keep our fares competitive. However, costs continue to rise and so we are now having to look at our prices.

Below is information on all the price changes - please note, if your ticket is not listed, then it should not be changing in price!

Our tickets and passes still represent great value for money and we have worked hard to ensure that these changes keep us competitive with equivalent tickets up and down the country.

No change to on-bus prices!

We have managed to keep increases to a minimum and the main changes will be to our 7 and 30 day period tickets. The great news for customers buying on the day is that the on-bus prices are frozen! This means that our most popular tickets will not increase in price!

The Reading bus shop

Other than the simplyNewbury and Thatcham prices (see below), there will be no changes to products at the bus shop in Reading. 

period ticket prices

Some adult weekly tickets will increase by around £1 and the Boost weekly tickets by around 50p. Some Adult 30 day tickets will increase by around £2 with the Boost 30 day tickets only increasing by 50p. The app will match these price changes. 

You can find your new online and app ticket prices below by fare zone.

All simplyNetwork and simplyBracknell online prices remain the same, with the simplyNetwork 7 day ticket on the app becoming the same price as online (£20). 


  7 day 30 day 90 day 365 day
adult £16 £59 £155 £575
Boost £11.50 £42.50 £118 n/a

simplyWokingham and Bracknell

  7 day 30 day 90 day 365 day
adult £16 £59 £155 £575
Boost £11.50 £42.50 £118 n/a


We have had introductory special fares in the simplyNewbury and Thatcham area for a couple of years, but from Monday 29 October, these will no longer apply. However, prices will not return to their previous levels, but will still be at a 'special rate' compared to the equivalent products elsewhere on our network.


  7 day 30 day
adult £12.50 £49
Boost £9.50 £35

bus shop

  7 day 30 day
adult £13 £50
Boost £10 £36

changes to mTickets pricing on the app

The 7 and 30 day ticket prices on the app will increase in line with the web prices above.

The single fares will increase to the on-bus price:

Adult single = £2

Boost single = £1.50

The Adult simplyNetwork 7 day will also now match the online price of £20.

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