Change to Concessionary pass times

1 month ago Wed 26th Aug 2020

Both Reading Borough and Wokingham Borough Councils have announced that they will be reverting their concessionary pass times back to their pre-coronvirus levels from Tuesday 1 September.

As public transport is now being encouraged as a means to get people back to work and leisure, we expect that more people will begin to revert to buses from Tuesday 1 September as schools begin to go back. Both Reading and Wokingham Borough have now joined other councils in a reversion to their previous acceptance times. Concessionary passes will now only be accepted after 9.30am on weekdays in Reading Borough and 9.00am in Wokingham Borough. If you board a bus in Reading from Tuesday 1 September before 9.30am Monday to Friday or in Wokingham before 9am, you will have to pay.

This now means that all local authorities in which our services run have now reverted to their pre-coronavirus acceptance times. 

Please check with the local authority in which you are travelling to check what time your pass is valid - in general, most authorities now only accept the use of your pass after 9.30am Monday to Friday, but some, like Wokingham, have different times of acceptance.