Avoid the fuel price hike

2 months ago Thu 10th Mar 2022

As prices at the pumps continue to soar, here’s a sneaky reminder to motorists of the many benefits of travelling by bus.

There couldn’t be a better time to consider changing from the car to the bus for a lot of local journeys.

As well as avoiding the fuel price hike, our buses offers free wi-fi, USB charging and metro newspapers on board. 

So you can sit back, relax, and let our fantastic drivers do all the hard work, knowing that you have saved all the fuel from your own vehicle, and helped to improve congestion and the environment.

There are flexible tickets for everyone – from day tickets to annual passes. And with the daysaver5 - 5 all-day tickets – there’s no expiry so they can be used when you want.

Tickets can be bought on the mobile app, from the driver with cash or contactless or online at www.reading-buses.co.uk

One of the biggest benefits is that the mobile app lets you track live buses on a map. So there is no need to wait longer than necessary at a bus stop.