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Timetable and route changes from Mon 3 Feb

2 weeks ago Fri 3rd Jan 2020

There are changes coming to the leopard and route 9 as we combine the two services to help improve reliability and create new links. The changes will be from Monday 3 February.

the leopard changes its spots

Well, not really! However, we are taking this opportunity to make some changes. The public timetable and maps will be available online shortly.

withdrawal of leopard 3b

We introduced leopard 3b to Bracknell in September 2017 to see if we could encourage usage between Arborfield, Finchampstead and the (then) new Lexicon shopping centre. With subsequent residential developments in the area, we hoped that this service would go from strength to strength. After two years of operation however, it has become clear that development in this area is slower than expected and the number of people using this service has been extremely low. 

Due to the very low usage, this part of the service is simply not sustainable and will be withdrawn, allowing us to reinvest the resource on the much busier section of route into Reading.

Customers who still want to travel between Arborfield and Bracknell can still use the leopard 3 into Wokingham and then transfer onto the lion 4/X4. Customers in Finchampstead can also take advantage of Courtney Buses route 125 into Wokingham. Our simplyWokingham and Bracknell tickets are valid on both ours, and Courtney Buses services within this area.

leopard 3 and 10 changes

The leopard 3 will continue to run every 20 minutes between Reading, Shinfield and Arborfield with one journey an hour going to Wokingham. The timetables have been amended to further improve reliability. Leopard 3 journeys finishing in Arborfield will now be extended to serve the new homes in Sheerlands Road and Nine Mile Ride Extension in Arborfield Green. 

Leopard 10 will be renumbered as leopard 8 to coincide with changes on route 9 (see below). Buses will still run along Shinfield Road and visit the Thames Valley Science Park (Monday to Saturday daytimes) before visiting Shinfield and then Spencers Wood.  

route 9 becomes leopard

The great news for route 9 customers is that their service moves into the leopard family. This helps to secure the service's future and maintains the important link between the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Whitley Wood. Buses will now run to Spencers Wood with certain journeys still using Mereoak park & ride.

This creates new links between Whitley and Three Mile Cross, Spencers Wood and Thames Valley Science Park.

Better links for the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Spencers Wood

With the above changes, the leopard services will give an up to every 10 minutes frequent service between Reading, the hospital and Shinfield Road. Complemented by the little oranges 19a/b/c, this means there will be practically no need to check your bus times during the day when making the journey between the hospital and the town. 

There will also be more buses for Spencers Wood as both the leopard 8 and 9 will now serve Basingstoke Road, Hyde End Road and the new homes in the Croft Gardens area on the way to and from Shinfield, coupled with the tiger 7 which already runs along the Basingstoke Road. 

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