Bus shop

updated 7 September

The Reading bus shop is now open again! Due to the current guidelines around Coronavirus, there are a few things you need to be aware of when visiting:

  • All customers must wear a face covering when visiting the shop - this can be a disposable face mask or a simple covering such as a scarf or snood!
  • There will be screens installed on the counter to protect both employees and customers.
  • Only two customers will be allowed inside the shop at any one time - this will not apply to family groups, but we would ask that groups of friends visit us separately. If you see that the shop is 'full', please wait patiently outside until someone leaves. Please also allow plenty of space for the people exiting the shop.
  • Maintain social distancing when inside - if you are in the shop with another customer, please give them space. 
  • Use hand sanitiser - we will have a hand sanitiser unit within the shop. Please use it when visiting us.

The shop will be open at its normal times - Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5pm.

If you need a timetable, want to buy a smartcard or just have some questions about our buses, then the Reading Bus Shop is there for you!

Located in the Broad Street Mall, Reading, our Bus Shop has friendly staff who will help you get all the information you need.


The Bus Shop has timetables for all our services. You can pop in any time we are open and take the leaflet you need. Don't know which service you need? Ask one of our friendly staff!


You can also buy and top-up your smartcards at the Bus Shop.

Don't know which card you need? Just ask one of the staff and they will talk you through the right product for you. 

Please note, the prices online are cheaper than at the bus shop - check out the full list of advance fares here


And of course, our staff are well versed in all our services and products and will be only too happy to help!


We also sell a small range of Reading Buses memorabilia in our Bus Shop such as pens, postcards and bottle openers!