Windsor Express - Fares


There is a wide range of fares to choose from on our Windsor Express routes with options to suit every customer.

All our buses take cash, contactless cards and you can also purchase mobile tickets on our app.

£2 single fares

As part of the UK Governments Help For Households scheme, single journeys on all our buses are capped at £2. These are available to buy both onboard or from our app.

on bus tickets

Our Windsor express routes operate on a graduated fares system which means you pay a different fare depending on how far you are travelling. You can download a PDF of the fares below:

For the London Line 702 fares click here

For the Flight Line 703 fares click here

group tickets

Travelling as a group? Up to four people can travel together all day on our Windsor Express routes for just £60 (or £50 on the app!).

boost fares for under 18's

Customers under the age of 18 can take advantage of our reduced rate 'boost' fares. Available on the bus and on our app - you may need ID if you're lucky enough to look older than 18! App users will need to verify their age before activating tickets. You can find out more information about boost verification here.


Our flexible ticket option - the daysaver5 ticket allows for 5 separate days of unlimited travel on both London Line 702 and Flight Line 703 services which makes it perfect for hybrid workers and infrequent travellers alike.

day and period tickets

Frequent traveller? Save money with our Windsor Express period tickets. These tickets offer unlimited travel on both of our Windsor Express routes and they are also valid on any Reading Buses service too! One-day and seven-day tickets can be purchased onboard, or you can use our mobile app to also buy 30 day and 365 day tickets.

on bus day and 7 day tickets

   All day  7 days
 adult  £25  £63
 Boost (18 & under)  £17  £48
group  £60 n/a

mobile app tickets

  all day daysaver5 7 days 30 days 365 days
adult n/a £60 £60 £220 £1999
Boost (18 & under) n/a n/a £42 £155 £1400
group £50 n/a n/a n/a n/a
simplySlough & Windsor zone

In conjunction with Thames Valley Buses we have a simplySlough & Windsor fare zone which covers the Slough and Windsor area.  

You can buy tickets in this zone and use them on any Thames Valley or Windsor Express bus. If you travel outside of this zone, you will need to buy different tickets. See the table of period tickets below. You can buy these on the Windsor Express app.

For a map of the simplySlough & Windsor fare zone, and all the routes you can use, click here

  all day daysaver5 7 day 28 day (4-weekly)
adult £6 £20 £20 £70
Boost £3.70 n/a £14 £53

for full details on the services within the simplySlough & Windsor zone, visit Thames Valley Buses

simplyNetwork (Berkshire) group ticket

Travel as a group and save on London Line 702 outside of London. Up to 4 people travel together (any combination of adults and children) for £21 before 9.30am Monday to Friday or £15.50 at all other times and on school and public holidays. This ticket is only valid for travel on London Line 702 outside of London and on all Reading Buses services.