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California Crossroads Road closure on Nine Mile Ride

12th Feb 2024 - 8th May 2024

  • Affected routes:
  • leopard 3

Towards Wokingham
Following the Marino Way stop on Nine Mile Ride Extension, buses will continue onto Biggs Lane and then turn right onto Langley Common Road. They will then continue until reaching The Bull where they will turn onto Barkham Street and run to the Barkham Ride East stop. Here the bus will use the roundabout to turn around, resuming the normal leopard 3 route as they return along Barkham Street towards Wokingham. Buses will stop at all bus stops along this route.

Buses will be unable to serve Robinson Crusoe, Coleshill Farm, California Country Park, Manor Park Drive and California Crossroads during this diversion.

Towards Reading
Buses will run along Barkham Ride as usual until reaching the Barkham Ride - East stop. Here they will turn around at the roundabout, and then run back along Barkham Ride towards The Bull, where they will then turn left onto Barkham Road and Langley Common Road before turning left onto Biggs Lane, returning to their normal road from the Marino Way bus stop. Buses will stop at all bus stops along this route.

Due to the closure of Nine Mile Ride, buses cannot serve Robinson Crusoe, Coleshill Farm, California Country Park, Manor Park Drive and Ratepayers Hall.

Please allow additional journey time when travelling between Arborfield Green and Wokingham.

We apologise for any inconvenience or delay that this diversion may cause to your journey during these essential works.

This diversion will only affect leopard 3 buses between Arborfield and Wokingham. Buses that finish their journey in Arborfield, Shinfield or at Royal Berks Hospital will not be affected by this diversion and will call at all stops as normal.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Friar Street FM Bus Stop

21st Apr 2024

  • Affected routes:
  • leopard 3
  • ruby 10
  • bronze 11

Friar Street stop FM will be out of use from 0700 until 1100 on Sunday 21 April 2024.

This is due to a Cherry Picker operating in the area.

Please use the Friar Street stop FN (purple 17) bus stop instead by the Novotel.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Closure of Marketplace

22nd - 26th Apr 2024

  • Affected routes:
  • leopard 3
  • lion 4
  • emerald 5
  • emerald 6
  • emerald 6a
  • buzz 9
  • buzz 9a
  • buzz 9b
  • ruby 10
  • bronze 11
  • orange 13
  • orange 14
  • purple 17
  • buzz 18
  • buzz 18a
  • little oranges 19a
  • little oranges 19b
  • little oranges 19c
  • claret 21
  • claret 21a
  • greenwave 50
  • Mereoak p&r 600
  • mereoak p&r 650
  • The London Line 701
  • lion X4
  • mereoak p&r 603

The Marketplace/High Street in Reading will be closed from Monday 22th April 2024 - Friday 26th April 2024

buses will not be able to serve Marketplace Stops MA & MC. also Kings Road Stop ME/MF and Huntley & Palmers (stop 3) will be out of use.

Please use normal stops in either Station Road or Blagrave Street.

we apologize for any inconvenience caused.