Race against time to escape in immersive escape rooms including Virtual Reality rooms at Puzzalogical!

The Bracknell-based site features three fully themed rooms currently including:

  • Pharoah's Mystery - an Egyptian themed tomb full of ancient puzzles
  • The Secret of the vault - The heist of a lifetime breaking into a formidable saferoom
  • Prison Break - Outsmart the guards and execute a daring prison break

Alongside the physical rooms, the site also offers virtual reality escape rooms putting you into otherwordly locations full of their own mystery and peril! Or choose competition and opt in for one of the shooting games in the VR arena and battle your friends and family!

Puzzalogical is walking distance from Bracknell Bus station on X4 Lion and next to Police Station (Stop H) on 702 London Line and 703 Flight Line.


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