save with our group ticket

Travelling together? Save money with our group ticket!

Cheap, fast and spotlessly clean, travelling by bus really is a no-brainer at any time of year.
With speedy bus lanes and no parking charges, you can take your time and make the most of the shops and restaurants!
What’s more, if you are travelling in your household bubble, you can save even more money.

Our simplyReading group tickets are just £9 during the week for up to 4 people, any combination of kids and adults! If you buy your group ticket after 6pm on weekdays or at any time on weekends and public and school holidays, the price is just £6!

The group ticket will be £6 from 17 July - 7 September 2021. These dates will be updated during the year for each school holiday period.

Going further afield?

Not a problem! Our simplyNetwork group ticket is just £15 during the week and just £10 during weekends and school and public holidays. Like the simplyReading group ticket, you can use this ticket as many times as you want on your day of travel.
It's also valid across our entire network, with any combination of kids and adults (up to four people travelling together).