Gender pay gap report

Gender pay gap report

We are proud to report that for the second year running, our median pay gap is 0%.  Median pay is worked out by looking at the pay of the middle ranking woman and the middle ranking man.  The current estimates from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the UK average is 8.6% for full time employees and 17.9% for all employees.

Our gender pay report shows a small 3% difference in the mean (average) rate of pay between our male and female employees.  This is worked out by taking the pay of all employees and dividing by the total number of employees. 

Bonus pay gap

Unlike many companies our directors and senior management team are not paid bonuses, neither are our office-based employees.  Engineering, cleaning and operations employees received an attendance bonus. 

The gap in median and mean bonus pay increased in 2018.  The overall number of women eligible for the bonus went up by 13% but the rate at which the bonus was earned by them decreased.  This resulted in the larger gap.

The bonus system available to drivers changed towards the end of the reporting period and we expect this gap to smooth out again this year.

What we are doing about it

Reading Buses is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to employing a balance of genders across all its employee groups.  The transport industry has typically been male dominated, and we are working to increase the number of women into the industry.

We role model our great female employees across all of our job roles.

The majority of our employees are PCV drivers – typically thought of as male employment.  We have been building on the number of women that we attract to this key role within our company and to date this year the number of women joining us has been running at just under 40%.  We are determined to build on this and our dream is to have a workforce of equal numbers of women and men.

The percentage of women in the upper quartile has gone up from 17.7% in 2017 to 27% in 2018.

Overall, the number of employees went up in the period by 13% for women and 5% for men – an indication that we are attracting more women into the bus industry by an open culture of engagement and modern working practices.

Gender Pay – our 2018 Reported Figures


Reading Buses


Median pay gap


17.9% (all) 8.6% (full time)

Mean pay gap



*Based on estimates from the Office of National Statistics’ Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2018

Pay quartiles – proportion of men and women in each pay quartile


Quartile 1

Quartile 2

Quartile 3



(lowest hourly rate)



(highest hourly rate)











Proportion of men and women who received a bonus





The difference in bonus paid across male and female employees (the bonus gap)