Gender pay gap report

Gender pay gap report for the reporting year 2021-22

Gender Pay gap report – written statement

Median pay gap


Mean pay gap



Pay quarters – proportion of men and women in each hourly pay quarter


Lowest Quarter

Lower middle quarter

Upper middle quarter

Highest quarter













Our gender pay report shows a small 2% difference in the mean (average) rate of pay between our male and female employees.  This is worked out by taking the pay of all employees and dividing by the total number of employees. 

Reading Buses’ median pay gap is 4%.  Median pay is worked out by looking at the pay of the middle ranking woman and the middle ranking man. 

This is unchanged from the previous year.

Bonus pay gap

The payment of bonuses was suspended during the tax year ending 5th April 2021.

What we are doing about it

Reading Buses is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to employing a balance of genders across all its employee groups.  The transport industry has typically been male dominated, and we are working to increase the number of women into the industry.

We continue to role model our great female employees across all of our job roles.

The majority of our employees are PCV drivers – typically thought of as male employment.  We have been building on the number of women that we attract to this key role within our company.

We celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting some of our great women employees.

We are launching a new trainee driver recruitment campaign which features women and men as role models and focusing on how working as a bus driver can suit people from all different backgrounds and interests.