flexible travel options to save you money

With working patterns changed perhaps for good and flexible working from home many people's norm, the traditional weekly or monthly ticket is no longer the most sensible option for many of you. We decided that there should be more flexible options that still allow you to save money rather than just having to buy your tickets on the bus when you do travel. 

So we have a range of flexible tickets that fit however you want to travel. They’ll save you money too, at least 20%!

Here’s our guide to choosing the ticket that fits and still saves money.

best for one way/one bus

Easysaver10 has been around for a long time - and it's a winner for occasional travellers, especially those who only use one route. It's 10 single trips bought together for cheaper - £17. This saves you 60p per trip (versus the on-bus single fare) and is perfect if you just go there and back, or if you know you only need to travel in one direction. Use when you want, with no expiry*

Easysaver 10 is available on our app or on a smartcard.

best for occasional travellers

Our new  daysaver5 is the perfect ticket if you’re travelling two or three days during the week but don't need a weekly ticket. It’s great if you’re making lots of journeys in one day or need to use more than one bus route. It's five all-day tickets bought together for £17 - saving you at least 20%^. Use when you want, with no expiry*

Daysaver5 is only available on our app.

best for commuters

The original, and still best for many, weekly ticket. Our 7-day ticket gives you seven consecutive days travel on any bus within the simplyReading area for just £17. Travel as often as you like, the ticket counts down the days after you activate it. Perfect if you’re going to be travelling most days, or if you just want the freedom of knowing your travel is sorted. 30, 90 or 365 day tickets are available with even further savings.

Your 7-day ticket is available on our app or on a smartcard.

All the options are adult prices and for the simplyReading area.

*app tickets have a one-year expiry. 

^comparison versus buying five all-day tickets separately