Cheaper travel for jobseekers!

We are proud to offer cheaper travel for those people who are out of work and actively seeking employment.

If you are signing on at the Jobcentre Plus, you are eligible for reduced rate travel through Jobseeker id. This allows you to purchase a single or day ticket in the simplyReading area only. This offer is not valid outside of the simplyReading area.


   single all day
  Jobseeker id  £2.00  £3.40*

*sold as a Reading All-Bus ticket

How do I get a Jobseeker id?

On your next visit to Jobcentre Plus, ask for a form with a validation stamp on it.

Hand over your completed form in our Bus Shop and you will have your picture taken for the photo ID. 

Your Jobseeker id will be valid for 1 month. Just show to the driver when asking for your ticket to get the discount. This enables you to purchase a single, return or day ticket on the bus at the jobseeker rate.

Please note that Jobseeker id is only applicable to fares for single day journeys. If you require a weekly ticket, this must be bought at the full adult rate. 

Once your Jobseeker id has expired, you will need to return to the Jobcentre and get a new form to prove that you are still actively seeking employment.

This card does not give discount on any other journeys other than listed above and does not give further discounts to any special offers. It does not guarantee travel over and above our normal terms of service.