It’s a gas!

Travelling by bus is already a really great way to help the environment. We have one of the youngest and most environmentally friendly fleets in the UK. With our growing fleet of over 58 super-green bio-gas buses it’s the quieter, cleaner and greener way to travel.

These super environmentally friendly bio-gas buses will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 84% compared to an equivalent brand new diesel double deck bus.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Put simply… yes! They produce significantly less CO2, less Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), or particulates than the buses they replace, and less vibration – so it’s not only cleaner, it gives a smoother ride too!

The gas we buy is produced from food waste and – to put it nicely – the waste from cow’s backside… waste not, want not!

All of the gas which we buy is bio-methane, produced from food waste and cattle slurry by anaerobic digestion, with our partners in fuel supply. This is almost carbon-neutral as we're using feedstock and carbon which would otherwise go to waste and be released directly into the atmosphere. Where this waste would biodegrade naturally and release this as methane, the impact on climate change would be much greater than simply by burning the gas to release CO2.

How do you buy biomethane if your gas comes out of the gas main?

We purchase our gas through the Gas Bus Alliance which sells “virtual” bio-methane produced from renewable resources, including cow poo! The Gas Bus Alliance will remotely inject an energy equivalent volume of bio natural gas (BNG) into the National Grid network to balance the gas taken direct from the mains and compressed by Reading Buses. 

And theres more...

Free Wi-Fi is fitted to all of these double deck bio-gas buses, which are packed full of other features for you:

  • USB charging points and a wireless charging pad - keeping your battery topped up
  • Glass staircase and roof lights – Making a brighter interior
  • High quality seats - for a comfortable journey
  • Quieter engine – giving a smoother ride
  • Next stop audio announcements – helping you find your stop
  • More space for everyone - including buggy and wheelchair users.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions on compressed natural gas (CNG) – you’ll be amazed!