day excursions terms and conditions

How to book

You can book by visiting our days out web page, by phoning 01635 33855 or visiting our office Newbury and District House 169 Greenham Business Park RG19 6HN.

We are open weekdays from 9am to 5pm. All excursions are subject to availability.


Excursions must be paid for in full at the time of booking using a valid debit or credit card. We accept cash in person, but not via post. We do not accept cheques.


Children must have a valid ticket of their own and be accompanied by a paying adult - no more than 5 children per Adult. Children under 3 years of age are currently carried free of charge on UK day excursions.

Pick up points and times

Your booking confirmation, which acts as your travel ticket, will confirm the exact departure time from your requested pick-up point, unless you are joining our feeder service, when we will confirm exact pick-up times 5 days prior to the date of travel. All passengers are requested to be at their chosen pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The Company will not be held responsible for the late arrival of passengers or passengers not being at the correct pick-up point. No refund will be made for passengers arriving after the scheduled departure time nor shall the company be held responsible for the late arrival of coaches due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. traffic & weather conditions).

Feeder vehicles

To reduce coach pick-up times to a minimum, a feeder vehicle may be used and passengers transferred to meet the excursion coach at one of the main pick-up points. The feeder vehicle may be a coach, minibus or taxi.

Alcohol and cigarettes (including e-cigarettes)

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted and by law, we operate a strict no smoking policy on all our vehicles. The use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted on our vehicles. Please be considerate of other passengers when using a mobile phone or other portable electronic device.

Your coach/bus

Newbury & District Limited cannot guarantee that the coach / bus stated at the time of booking will be supplied, but we will endeavour to ensure that any changes are communicated in advance. (This will only be in exceptional circumstances).

Unreasonable conduct

We will refuse a booking or terminate a passenger's travel in the event of unreasonable conduct.


Complaints should be made in writing within 7 days of the excursion to our Head Office, 169 Greenham Business Park RG19 6HN

Cancellations, refunds or amendments

A.    By the Company

Should the circumstance arise where due to insufficient bookings we are forced to cancel any excursion, all monies paid by passengers for that particular excursion will be refunded in full and following that the Company shall be exempt from any further liability.

B.    By the Passenger

You may cancel or amend your booking at any time prior to departure subject to the following conditions.

1.    For cancellations notified to us more than 7 days prior to the excursion departure time, a 50% cancellation charge is payable, which have been prepaid by the Company.

2.    For cancellations notified to us within 7 days prior to departure time of the excursion, a 100% cancellation charge will apply.

3.    You may also transfer to an alternative trip, however, the above cancellation charges will apply and any outstanding monies will be transferred to the new excursion.

The Company reserves the right to alter excursions or prices, or cancel any excursion listed.

Force Majeure

Newbury and District cannot accept any responsibility for any disruption prior to / during or after an event, arising out of matters of which we have no control, e.g. war, threat of war, riot, fire, flood, bad weather, industrial dispute, Acts of Terrorism or government action. We always allow plenty of time for the journey to a concert or event. In the unlikely event of a coach failing to arrive at the venue, or arriving after the show or performance has begun, Newbury and District accepts no responsibility for any such failure caused by accident, mechanical breakdown, bad weather, traffic or external forces outside of our control. No travel costs will be refunded once a journey has commenced.


We will accept lightweight manual wheelchairs, subject to them being able to be folded, stowed in the luggage hold of the coach and weighing no more than 20kgs. We will accept small mobility scooters/powered wheelchairs, subject to the following:-

  • We are given details of the size and make of the powered wheelchair/scooter at the time of booking to check it is suitable for carrying on the coach.
  • It will break down into separate parts each weighing no more than 20kgs.
  • The disabled customer is accompanied at the point of departure and arrival by a companion who is able to dismantle and reassemble the powered wheelchair/scooter.
  • It is operated by dry cell batteries only.
  • It is deemed there is sufficient additional room in the hold to carry the item.

We must be advised at the time of booking of any of the above as we have to consider the luggage capacity of the coach.

Our drivers/escorts will be happy to provide general assistance to passengers but will not be expected to do any of the following:-

  • Assist customers with their eating or personal hygiene.
  • Lift or carry passengers, or provide medical services such as giving injections.
  • Our drivers and staff are unable to dismantle or reassemble mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs.
  • Newbury and District Ltd will not accept liability for any damage to personal property howsoever caused.

Conveyance of Animals

No animals (other than guide dogs and hearing dogs, notified to the Company in advance) may travel on any vehicle.

Lost Property

Luggage is carried at the owner's risk and we shall not be responsible for any property or equipment left on the coach. Any item of lost property will be held for a period of one month following the date of the tour in accordance with the minimum regulation laid down by the Road Traffic Act 1960 & the Public Services Vehicles (Lost Property) Regulations 1995. Postage and packaging will be charged extra.

Changes to Itineraries & Timings

As our program is written many months in advance, some excursions, timings and itineraries are still to be confirmed an may be subject to change without prior notice. We cannot be held responsible for any change in theatre cast listings.