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On Wednesday 1 November we are making changes to some of our fares. To find out more click here.

Lower Caversham - the £1.30 shuttle

The Lower Caversham Shuttle is just £1.30 each way on either route 27 or 29. 

Green Park short hop - free.

We have now abolished the Green Park short hop fare. If you travel exclusively within Green Park, your trip is free. 

short-hop fares - just £1.60 

Special fares that cover smaller sections on certain routes - fares are valid in either direction!

valid from valid to routes
The Crown (Theale) Calcot Sainsbury's jet black 1
Swanholm Gardens or Greenwood Road Calcot IKEA (yellow 26)/Calcot Sainsbury's (jet black) jet black 1 & yellow 26
Central Reading Southcote Road (Beefeater) jet black 1, lime 2/2a & yellow 26
Central Reading Royal Berkshire Hospital the leopard and the little oranges 19a,b,c 
Central Reading Whitley Street emerald 5, 6 & 6a
Central Reading Coley Park bronze 11
London Road/The Drive Anywhere in Woodley orange 13 & 14
Purley Long Lane sky blue 16
Earley Gate Anywhere in Woodley the little oranges 19a,b,c
Central Reading Morgan Road (on Kendrick Road) claret 21, 21a
Kendrick Student Village University of Reading campus claret 21, 21a
Central Reading Caversham Library pink 22 and berry 23/24
Central Reading Briants Avenue (Star Inn) berry 23/24
Central Reading Prospect Street  pink 25
Central Reading Reading West Station (Tilehurst Road) royal blue 33
Turnhams Farm TIlehurst Triangle royal blue 33