app terms and conditions

When using any of our apps (Reading Buses, Green Line, Kennections) certain terms and conditions apply. 

mobile tickets

Mobile tickets must be bought and activated using the internet. Once activated, the ticket will stay on your phone (please note, single tickets will generally only be valid for 30 minutes from the time of activation), but you must 'check-in' using WiFi or mobile data every three days to keep a longer term period ticket activated. This allows us to ensure that all tickets are still valid and can be used properly on our buses.

All mTickets must be scanned under the reader on the bus. We do not accept tablets with mTickets if you cannot fit them under the reader - you must have an acceptable method of alternative payment if you ticket is not able to be scanned.

Your phone's time and date must be set to the correct system time and date. If you have your phone set at a different time, you tickets may not activate or work on the bus. If this occurs and you cannot scan your ticket, the driver may ask you to buy a new ticket on the bus.

Please ensure that when using one of our mTickets that your phone has sufficient charge. If your phone runs out of battery before you board the bus, you will not be allowed to travel unless you buy a new ticket - it would be like asking to travel for free if you left your pass at home!

When buying mobile tickets, please take care to select the correct product before you buy. You can check boundaries between fare zones on our fares and tickets page here.

If you activate a ticket in error, we may not be able to refund you. We can check the usage of tickets on our buses - any ticket that has been used will not be refunded in any circumstance.

live buses and tracking data

We work with our suppliers to ensure that all data is accurate so that the live times on the bus stop departure boards and the vehicle tracking information is up to date. There may be times when some of the feeds experience data issues - in these cases, we cannot be held liable for incorrect information, but we do pledge to solve any issues as soon as they occur.

Developers can request access to the open data server that powers the real time information at