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Football Buses

Times and fare information for the the 2015/16 season

All the information you need to know to go to see the Royals in another exciting Championship campaign. We've got a few things to tell you including some ways that you could save money this year against last year!

Changes to some routes

There are slight changes to the F30, F32 and F33 routes near to the stadium - after leaving the Longbarn Lane stop, buses will now turn onto the A33 via Rose Kiln Lane & head straight to the ground - on the way back, they will use Kennet Island to get back onto Basingstoke Road and normal route. 

The F31 route has been extended and will now start from the Winnersh Triangle Station, this means the route starts out of the Reading yellow zone and it is not a park & ride service. 

Fares - frozen or cheaper!

We are delighted to announce that we have frozen the football fares for a 4th year running. And even more exciting for a lot of you is that we have changed our 'yellow' and 'blue' zones to become 'Reading' and Network' - with the ‘Reading fare zone’ becoming bigger so lots of you will pay less than last year! 

This means cheaper fares for: F21, F22, F23, F24, F31, F32, F33. 

We also have a new 'Park and Ride zone' with their own dedicated fares, meaning you can get an adult return for just £3.50 on the F2! Park and Rides routes are the only routes to have a 4 person football group ticket too at the great value of just £7.

To see how far we have extended the Reading fare zone please see our football route map by clicking here. For more fare information and a list of all the fares visit our football fares page.

Mereoak Sports park & ride

There is also a brand new park and ride service at Mereoak available during matchdays. Check out the fares here - your parking is included in your bus fare!

New for 2015/16 - football smartcards

Early in the season we’ll be bringing in football match day smartcards! These football smartcards will give you unlimited all day travel on a match day in either the Reading zone, Network Zone or on the shuttle. You can buy days in bulk to save you money and the smartcards will speed up the process of getting on the bus as you won’t need the exact change! 


To view a timetable of your football bus please click on the route names or the individual footballs below.

 F1 - Reading Old Bus Station 

 F12 - Emmer Green & Caversham

 F21 - Norcot

 F30 - Twyford

 F2 - Shinfield Park - Park & Ride

 F13 - Caversham Park

 F22 - Tilehurst

 F31 - Woodley Airfield

 F10 - Sonning Common

 F14 - Henley-on-Thames

 F23 - Theale & Pangbourne

 F32 - Woodley

 F11 - Emmer Green

 F20 - Newbury Bus Station

 F24 - Purley

 F33 - Lower Earley






      Find your route on our route map


Download the full matchday services pdf here.