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We run lots of football buses to the Madejski Stadium to make sure that we can get you to the game on time. 
The fares for football buses are different from our core services, so our normal tickets and smartcards will not work on them (although concessionary passes will). For the 'urban' buses, we use two different fare zones - yellow and blue. Check out the football buses map here to check your zone. 

The football return

If you are meeting up with friends before the game, then the 'Football Return' ticket is for you! It's available to buy on your normal non-football bus (not for sale on football buses) and gives you travel into Reading on your normal bus (e.g. pink 24) where you can then transfer onto the F1 at Reading Station to get to the stadium. You can then travel back from the stadium on the F1 and then back home on your normal bus (e.g. pink 24). 
This ticket can also be used for travel on scarlet 9 and the F2 from Shinfield Park.
The football return is only available within the simplyReading area.

blue zone fares 

   single fare  return
 adult  £5.00  £6.00
 Solo (under-19s)  £3.00  £3.50

yellow zone fares

   single fare  return
 adult  £4.00  £5.00
 Solo (under-19s)  £2.50  £3.00

shuttle fares - for F1 and F2

   single fare  return
 adult  £3.50  £4.00
 Solo (under-19s)  £2.00  £2.50

F20 from Newbury to the Madejski

Find the section where your stop is to get your fare. From Calcot Sainsbury's, the yellow zone fare applies.For the F20 bus from Newbury, a variable fare stage is used due to the length of the journey. You can see the fares in the table below. 

between Newbury Bus Station and Piper's Way
   single fare  return
 adult  £7.00  £7.50
 Solo (under-19s)  £4.00  £4.50

between Colthrop Lane and Theale
   single fare  return
 adult  £6.00  £7.00
 Solo (under-19s)  £3.50  £4.00

Boxing Day games

If Reading FC are playing at home on Boxing Day, a surcharge of £1 is added to all the above fares.

Photos and logos courtesy of Reading Football Club.