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Fares from Sunday 6 October 2013

Our fares changed on Sunday 6 October. This page shows the fares applicable from that date. 

Our buses do not give change, so you will need to pay the exact fare.  This helps keep Reading's buses on time and our drivers safe. 

simplyReading bus fares - all of our buses except sections of jet black, lime and the leopard

buy from the driver

   single  return  all day  7 days
 adult  £1.90  £3.60  £4.20  £15 (£14 online)
 Solo  £1.40  day  £2.30  £11*
*Not a paper ticket - only available to load onto a Solo smartcard

buy (or top-up) online and save

   7 day  30 day  90 day    365 day
 adult  £14  £57  £155  £560
 Solo  £11  £40  £110  n/a
 All day and period tickets give you unlimited travel for that period in the simplyReading area.

simplyNewbury fares - between Newbury and Thatcham 

buy on bus

The only service we operate in Newbury is jet black - single and return fares on jet black are variable depending on which stop you need.
Click here for the jet black fares table

   all day  7 day 
 adult  £4.20  £18 (online price £17)
 Solo  £2.30   £11*
*Not a paper ticket - only available to load onto a Solo smartcard 
The jet black buses give change.

buy (or top-up) online and save

   7 day  30 day
 adult  £17  £57
 Solo  £11  £38

simplyNetwork fares - unlimited travel on all our buses

buy on bus

   all day  7 day 
 adult  £8.50  £23 (online price £22)
 Solo  £5.50   n/a
For individual fares on our services that run in the simplyNetwork area, please see the section below 'other fare zones'

buy (or top-up) online and save

   7 day  30 day   90 day  365 day
 adult  £22  £90  £245  £890
 Solo  £17  £62  £165  n/a
All day and period tickets give you unlimited travel for that period. 

occasional traveller - you can still save by buying in advance

Try our great value multi-trip tickets. 10 trips, buy online, use when you like*! Save on every trip.

   online   on-bus (top-ups only)
 adult: easysaver 10  £16  £17
 under-19s: solosaver 10  £12  £13
 UoR students: unisaver 10  £15  £16
*Easysaver 10, solosaver 10 and unisaver 10 journeys are only valid within the simplyReading boundary

day ticket validity

All of our day tickets are are available for unlimited travel on the day of issue on all services that operate within the valid area (simplyReading, simplyNewbury, simplyNetwork) and are valid until the end of service on that day or 4 am the following morning on purple 17.  Please note that the day and date of issue is defined as before or after midnight and is pre-set by the ticket machine. They are not valid on Football Services, Loddon Bridge Fasttrack or Nighttrack.

special on-bus offers 


greenwave - for park & ride and business parks

Other fare zones

jetblack 1, lime, the leopard and 82/82k have variable fares outside the normal simplyReading zone.  Download a fares table for your bus by clicking on the logo below:


lime weekly

The lime weekly can be bought on bus for £19 and is also available to buy online on a simplyBus card for only £18.


The fare for Nighttrack buses are now the normal day time fare. This means that most single journeys are £1.90 for adults. If the day time fare is £1.20 on a section of route, this applies to night buses. The great news is that you can now use your return, day, group and period tickets on night track buses!

Holders of valid PlusBus tickets may travel free on Nighttrack buses at any time.

Fares correct from 06 October 2013. Terms and conditions apply. Click here to look at your terms and conditions including ticket restrictions, exact area boundaries and other useful ticket information.